Uncountable races were created and spread out throughout millions of galaxies in the sixth dimension. All living beings, generation after generation, carry within a sacred heritage known as Essentia, originated from the Breeders , the divine creators.

The fusion between inherited genes and the Essentia form the ethereal DNA, that is called Hash. The manipulation of Hash with the objective of accelerating natural evolution has been experimented for a long time. However, sacred heritage can’t be altered that easily or created artificially.


In a great number of galaxies in the sixth dimension, intelligent beings lived in peace and harmony, and formed a confederation, so they could maintain diplomatic relations while securing freedom and the evolution of all species in a natural and harmless way.

But it all changed with the rise of the KnowRunners, interdimensional travelers that started to kidnap beings from lower dimensions to conduct experiments involving the crossing of different Hashs, a practice that was forbidden by the Breeders Treaty.


The crossing of lower dimension Hashs resulted in the creation of less evolved hybrid races, which brought negative energy that was thought to be extinct in the sixth dimension for a long time, like anger, luxury and destruction.

These hybrids evolved, spread out through the stars, eventually got rejected by the Confederation and finally gave life to the Dracos , a faction that uses force, negative influence and energy for their personal power, influence, and control.

An epic battle has started!

As an answer to the experiments made by the Dracos , the Breeders Treaty has authorized the extraction of Essentia from animals, so that this energy can power controllable war machines to fight back, with no harm to the sixth dimension’s psychosphere.

On one side, the Confederates fight to bring back peace and harmony. On the other, the Dracos try tirelessly to regress the psychosphere so they can open a portal that joins this dimension to a lower one, and spawn an evil race never imagined before.